Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Blu-ray Box Set


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Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Blu-ray Box Set, Collector’s Edition

  • Uusi
  • Puhuttu kieli: japani; tekstitys: englanti
  • Aluekoodi B
  • 8 levyä, kesto arviolta 734 minuuttia
  • Julkaisu: 29.3.2021 (alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 2015)
  • Ohjaaja: Takahiro Miura
  • MVM Entertainment

Kustantajan kuvaus:

All 26 episodes of the Japanese anime based on the visual novel by Type-Moon. The series follows the Holy Grail War, an ancient tournament in which seven masters and their holy spirits compete for the ultimate prize – the Holy Grail will grant the winner any wish of their choosing. However, the stakes couldn’t be higher as the competitors must fight to the death to win.

In order to survive against their other powerful opponents, masters Rin (voice of Kana Ueda) and Shirou (Noriaki Sugiyama) form an unlikely alliance. The episodes are: ‘Prologue’, ‘Winter Day, Fateful Night’, ‘When the Curtain Goes Up’, ‘The First Battle’, ‘Finding the Will to Fight’, ‘Dancing After School’, ‘Mirage’, ‘Reward for the Desperate Struggle’, ‘Winter Days, Whereabouts of Mind’, ‘The Distance Between Them’, ‘The Fifth Contractor’, ‘A Visitor Approaches Lightly’, ‘The Final Choice’, ‘Time of Departure’, ‘Princess of Colchis’, ‘A Legendary Showdown’, ‘Winter Days, the Form Wishes Take’, ‘The Dark Sword Bares Its Fangs’, ‘A Destiny Forged in the Beginning’, ‘Idealism’s End (Answer)’, ‘Unlimited Blade Works’, ‘Answer’, ‘Winter Days, Faraway Home’, ‘Incarnation’, ‘Unlimited Blade Works – Infinite Creation of Swords’ and ‘Epilogue’.

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