Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack Revival Disc – Blu-ray


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Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack Revival Disc – Blu-ray

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  • Julkaisija: Square Enix

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The complete FINAL FANTASY IX audio-visual experience

– Enjoy the original soundtrack from FINAL FANTASY IX like never before, with all of the game’s unforgettable scenes to accompany your favourite music.
– Now that FINAL FANTASY IX (2000) joins the Revival Disc series, fans can relive the adventure on Blu-ray Disc – with no game software or console required. With over 5 hours of in-game footage set to the original soundtrack, this is the perfect way to reconnect with Zidane and his ragtag band of companions.
– In addition to 110 beloved tunes from the original soundtrack, the FINAL FANTASY IX Revival Disc also includes 42 unused tracks, previously only available on the FINAL FANTASY IX Original Soundtrack PLUS. All 152 tracks are also available for digital download in MP3 format.
– So sit back, get comfortable and enjoy an audio-visual feast of FINAL FANTASY IX, or relax to the complete FINAL FANTASY IX musical experience at home or on the go!

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