Fruits Basket: Season One DVD



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Fruits Basket: Season One DVD

  • Uusi
  • Puhuttu kieli: japani; tekstitys: englanti
  • Aluekoodi 2
  • 4 levyä , kesto noin 572 minuuttia
  • Julkaisu: 18.4.2022 (alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 2019)
  • Ohjaaja: Yoshihide Ibata
  • Crunchyroll

Kustantajan kuvaus:

All 25 episodes from the first season of the Japanese anime based on Natsuki Takaya’s manga. The Sohma family have been cursed to change into animals of the Zodiac if embraced by a person of the opposite sex. When young orphan Tooru Honda (voice of Yuma Uchida), who has been living in a tent in the woods, discovers the family secret she must promise it will remain her own or face the lethal consequences.

The episodes are: ‘I’m Going’, ‘They’re All Animals’, ‘Let’s Play Rich Man-Poor Man’, ‘What Year Is She?’, ‘I’ve Been Fooling Myself’, ‘Perhaps We Should Invite Ourselves Over’, ‘Spring Comes’, ‘See You When You Get Back’, ‘Yuki Was My First Love’, ‘It’s Valentine’s, After All’, ‘This Is a Wonderful Inn’, ‘You Look Like You’re Having Fun’, ‘How Have You Been, My Brother?’, ‘That’s a Secret’, ‘I Wouldn’t Say That’, ‘She Said Don’t Step On Them’, ‘This Is for Uo-chan!’, ‘What’s Important Is…’, ‘I’m So Sorry’, ‘I Can’t Believe You Picked It Up’, ‘I Never Back Down from a Wave Fight’, ‘Because I Was Happy’, ‘You Look Well…’, ‘Let’s Go Home’ and ‘Summer Will Be Here Soon’.

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