Oreimo: Season 2 Collection DVD


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Oreimo: Season 2 Collection DVD

  • Uusi
  • Puhuttu kieli: japani; tekstitys: englanti
  • Aluekoodi 2
  • 3 levyä , kesto noin 400 minuuttia
  • Julkaisu: 15.2.2016 (alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 2013)
  • Ohjaaja: Hiroyuki Kanbe
  • MVM Entertainment

Kustantajan kuvaus:

All 13 episodes from the second series of the anime based on the light novels by Tsukasa Fushimi, as well as three special OVA episodes. The story follows teenager Kyosuke Kosaka (voice of Yuuichi Nakamura) who uncovers a secret about his otherwise seemingly perfect younger sister Kirino (Ayana Taketatsu) – she is obsessed with collecting erotic anime and playing adult computer games. After not speaking for years, Kirino begins confiding in Kyosuke about her quirk, bringing them closer than ever before.

In this season the brother and sister struggle with an addictive mobile game and navigating friendships and their own relationship. The episodes are: ’My Little Sister Can’t Come Back Home Again’, ’The Big Brother I Trusted and Sent Off Can’t Get This Addicted to a Mobile Dating Sim and Commit Sexual Harassment’, ’My Friend Can’t Take Off Her Glasses’, ’My Little Sister’s Rival Can’t Come to Japan’, ’I Can’t Be My Little Sister’s Boyfriend and My Little Sister Can’t Have a Boyfriend’, ’There’s No Way My Sister Would Bring Her Boyfriend Home!’, ’I Can’t Become a Couple With My Underclassman’, ’I Can’t Create a Summer Memory With My Underclassman’, ’My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute!’, ’My Little Sister Can’t Wear a Wedding Dress’, ’Little Sisters Can’t Barge in On Their Brother Who Lives Alone’, ’Total Angel Ayase-tan Can’t Descend Upon My Place Where I Live Alone’ and ’Little Sisters Can’t Fall in Love With Their Older Brothers’. The OVA episodes are: ’I Can’t Confess to Her’, ’My Little Sister Is This Cute’ and ’My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute’.

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