Persona 5: The Animation – Part One Blu-ray




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Persona 5: The Animation – Part One Blu-ray

  • Uusi
  • Puhuttu kieli: japani; tekstitys: englanti
  • Aluekoodi  B
  • 2 levyä, kesto noin 325 minuuttia
  • Julkaisu: 7.2.2022 (alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 2018)
  • Anime Limited

Kustantajan kuvaus:

The first 13 episodes from the anime series based on the role-playing video game and set in modern-day Tokyo. Following his defence of a woman who was been sexually assaulted Ren Amamiya (voice of Jun Fukuyama) is sent to Tokyo and Shujin Academy where he resides with a family friend. In this new environment Ren becomes aware of an alternative universe where people’s souls reveal their true nature.

Ren forms a band of allies known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts who navigate this world and attempt to turn people away from committing acts of sin. The episodes are: ‘I Am Thou, Thou Art I’, ‘Let’s Take Back What’s Dear to You’, ‘A Beautiful Rose Has Thorns!’, ‘Steal It, If You Can’, ‘The Phantoms’, ‘Our Next Target Is…’, ‘He Is My Other Self’, ‘Put an End to All This And Use Your Own Artwork for Once’, ‘Operation Maid Watch’, ‘I Want to See Justice With My Own Eyes’, ‘Let’s Be Friends, Shall We?’, ‘I Found the Place Where I Belong’ and ‘Dreams and Desires’.

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