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Welcome to Finanime Showroom In Oulunkylä, Helsinki!

Our online store is open around the clock! We have the widest selection of figures in Finland (scale, Nendoroid, pop up Parade…) - our doujin, shikishi, Mug, wall scroll, dakimakura and other selections are also constantly expanding. So check to see if you can find what you are looking for in our online store - and if you are looking for something we don't have in our selection, feel free to contact us - our contacts in Japan may well be able to deliver what you are looking for! (* ^ v ^ *)

We only sell genuine & licensed products, we are also e.g. Kotobukiya & Good Smile Company's official partner in Finland!

So our intention is to serve as a resource for enthusiasts interested in anime and Japanese “Otaku” culture in general. Our online store in addition, there is much more interesting on our website. Welcome to get to know!

Please note that the products we sell are for people over 15 years of age.

*For an English-translated version of the site, please change the language selection from the top right corner of the page - note that the translation is not of human origin! It is instead provided by AI-Chan, and as such it may contain some errors, grammatical or otherwise. Please feel free to contact us in english if you have any questions!

- NEWS -

17.9.2022 | PayPal payment method supplement now valid

Due to the service provider's own pricing, starting 17.9. had to set a 2% payment method surcharge when using PayPal. More information is available Our current affairs section.

14.6.2022 | Finanime in the sales hall in Desucon, June 18-19.6.2022!

For the first time we get to attend a con on the other side of the sales table, everyone is warmly welcome to visit our booth! This is Finanimes first con so not all the steps are quite familiar yet, but for our part we will do our best to make the weekend as fun as possible for all participants! ٩ (^ ‿ ^) ۶

30.4.2022 | Good Smile Company raises prices for Pop Up Parade figures

The wholesale prices of future Pop Up Parade figures will be increased by 15-20%. Price increases do not have a retroactive effect Finanimeprevious pre-orders from. Learn more in our Current Affairs section!

16.3.2022 | The technical problems of e-commerce are now solved! A twist has also been added to the data center to streamline transactions - thank you very much for your patience and a warm welcome to everyone! (^ v ^)

15.3.2022 | There may be a problem with the e-commerce browsing view in some circumstances
The problem is being addressed, as is the slowness of the site - we are also increasing the capacity of the server.

13.3.2022 | Finanime Showroom / Pop-up store soon - You can find more information Finanime Showroom page

9.3.2022 | Japan Post suspends air cargo transportation to Finland - This should definitely be taken into account if purchases are planned or something is just leaving Japan. Learn more in our Current Affairs section!

20.1.2022 | Construction work on our office is progressing but not quite ready yet - Additional delivery services have now been written open better About our deliveriesIn the section - Worldwide transport is still tangled

5.12.2021 | Finanime change, pick-up point coming to Helsinki!
After a long search, suitable premises were found and next week we will move our warehouse to new premises! (Moving can cause delays in responding to messages, orders we handle normally.) The new facilities are larger and are great for us; as long as we first get the framework in order, we will start to keep a lot of pick-up points open from time to time! More nice things are planned, of course, but more on that later…

3.11.2021 Delays in deliveries, we apologize for the delays!
Where exactly is this, is laziness there? Read more on our Current Affairs page!

21.7.2021 | Current affairs section opened
In the future, we will update the section with significant coverage and phenomena that affect the Finnish enthusiast on a general level but are rarely communicated directly through information such as MyFigureCollection or another resource - we hope to give our readers a more local perspective on our hobby! (´ω`❁) The page can be found in the top bar under “Home” or täältä.

8.5.2021 | Japan Post will temporarily increase the prices of EMS shipments delivered abroad.
As of June 1.6.2021, 15, Japan Post will introduce an additional charge for shipments abroad due to increased transportation costs due to the sharp decline in passenger traffic. This is a good consideration when planning an order from Japan, an additional charge when there is no marginal handling fee but a 15-30% increase depending on the size of the shipment. It is also worth remembering that the cost effect is repeated when imported to Finland with VAT. For more information, visit the Japan Post website at:

19.3.2021 | Finanime's newsletter is now available to subscribe to!
Stay up to date with our news with our newsletter! The adult version is for adults only and also includes material from our K-18 departments, so please consider this when ordering. (* ^ v ^ *)

As a reminder:
We accept all pre-orders from Kotobukiya, Good Smile Company and most other manufacturers. A pre-order that has already been marked as expired by consumers may also be successful through us! If the pre-order you are looking for is not (yet) visible on our website, please let us know so we can add it to our selection and order it for you! (。 ^ Ω ^。)

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